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After logging on, iQNewsClip will show headlines of news under the topics you subscribe listing from the most current to the oldest. There are many ways for you
to search for news clippings.

You can search for any specific news clippings by specifying the conditions as follow:

1. Search by Period
There are 2 ways for viewing your requested news clippings:
    1) Non-Specific Period: You can select "Latest" then click "Search" and you will get news clippings sorted from the latest to the oldest date.
    2) Specific Period: You can specify "From ... To...." period with specific dates.
Click and a calendar will appear for you to specify dates, After that click "Search" and you will get news headlines list of the specified period sorted by the dates selected.

2. Search by Topic
To view news clippings under any specific topic you subscribed, click the "Select" box and choose the topic you wish to search then click "Search".

3. Search by Newspaper
To view news clippings of any specific newspaper, click the "From" box and select the newspaper you wish to search then click "Search".

4. Search by Keyword
You can type a keyword or phrase into the Search box. To narrow down search result, you may specify more than 1 keyword and use operands such as AND / OR / AND NOT then click "Search".

Searching with more than 1 keyword and phrase

Symbols/Signs Sample Description
 Space, +, และ, and, AND  oli energy
 oli + energy
 oli และ energy
 oli and energy
 Search for ALL ENTRIES
 that contain the 'keyword'.
 หรือ, or, OR  oli หรือ "alternative energy"
 oli or "alternative energy"
 Search for ALL ENTRIES
 that contain one or the
 other 'keyword'.
 -, และไม่, and not  oli - "alternative energy"
 oli และไม่ "alternative energy"
 oli and not "alternative energy"
 Search for ALL ENTRIES
 that contain the first
 'keyword' but do not
 contain the second
 " "  "Renewable Energy"
 "Pichai Naripthaphan"
 Search for ALL ENTRIES
 that contain a phrase,
 person’s first name or
 last name by using
 quotation marks.

You can specify a combination of search conditions for more specific search result.

Moreover, you can also click "Clear", to return to the default searching conditions (Searching from the Latest Information from All Topics, All Newspapers and
Non-specific keywords)


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